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Google’s 1% Third-Party Cookie Deprecation is an Opportunity for Everyone

  • Travis Clinger
  • 4 min read

It’s finally here: today, the ecosystem takes the next step towards finally saying goodbye to the third-party cookie.

Maybe you were always planning to make the jump to cookieless this year, or maybe 1% deprecation of third-party cookies in Google’s Chrome revealed some unexpected effects for your marketing stack. No matter what your situation is, LiveRamp is here and we’re ready to help our partners, customers, and stakeholders complete their journeys to signal-less.

Companies jumping into their signal-less planning today have two things working in their favour. First, they are able to benefit from choosing solutions that the industry has proven to be sustainable and valuable, and can stand the test of time. Second, leveraging these solutions can lead to immediate benefits – including in cookieless browsers, mobile in-app, and CTV – driving improved monetisation, better reach, and stronger ROAS now.

We’ve been ready for the signal-less future for some time now, and are continuing to lead the way forward.

The Authenticated Traffic Solution is scaled and in wide use

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution for global addressability connects publisher and marketer data to better personalise and measure advertising on authenticated inventory. We’re everywhere consumers are, from the open web to social platforms to CTV.

  • More than 92% of consumer time spent online in the US is spent on sites and social platforms connected with LiveRamp, via the Authenticated Traffic Solution or our direct, cookieless publisher integrations.
  • This means a marketer working with LiveRamp will be able to find 95%+ of the US population through our integrations – all without the need for a third-party cookie, mobile device ID, or IP address. We’re also cross-channel, meaning digital display, mobile web, mobile in-app, social, search, and CTV.
  • More than 16,000 publisher domains are live with Authenticated Traffic Solution today and are accessible to our marketers at the person-level via RampID.
  • Further, we’re live in 22 different markets across the US, LATAM, Europe, and APAC.

Marketers are seeing results today – a major fitness brand saw a 2X improvement in ROAS and a major computer manufacturer was able to substantially increase reach in cookieless environments like Safari.

RampID powers addressable campaigns globally

RampID is the durable, privacy-centric identifier connecting the digital and martech ecosystems.

With regulatory scrutiny intensifying, RampID’s authenticated and partner-encrypted nature allows addressable campaigns to run regionally across North America, the EU, LATAM, and APAC, as well as globally. The Authenticated Traffic Solution is the infrastructure that not only meets a global standard, but allows publishers and marketers to sustainably plan and build as the pace of cookieless transitions speeds up, as well as with confidence that their plans will keep consumers’ security and privacy at the forefront. Every publisher leveraging the Authenticated Traffic Solution must have direct consumer relationships based on trusted value exchanges wherein consumers share their identity with the publisher.

The Authenticated Traffic Solution enables better, more personalised experiences for consumers, on whatever platform they’re using. Advertisers can buy directly from publishers, through open exchanges, in private marketplaces, on CTV, via direct deals, and within every walled garden, giving them the ecosystem previously enabled by the scale and the flexibility of cookies, without any of the drawbacks. LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution infrastructure covers all channels – digital display, mobile web, mobile in-app, and CTV – and is ready to support the future advertising on the internet of things (iOT).

Build, better

As publishers, marketers, and the rest of the ecosystem select solutions to help mitigate signal loss, they should select solutions that enable scale and flexibility.

Authenticated people-based identity – enabled by the Authenticated Traffic Solution – enables marketers to use their data wherever their consumers are, in a safe and effective way. Further, LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution empowers the ecosystem to use all of the second-party data generated through data collaboration, including retail media networks. As companies evaluate solutions, selecting solutions that improve interoperability and outcomes will lead to solutions that can help to power this next phase of post-signal growth.

Further, the Authenticated Traffic Solution is interoperable, enabling every high-quality identifier the ecosystem needs, and connecting with LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem of partners, enabling the audiences you want everywhere you want. One of these interoperable solutions is Display & Video 360’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR), which Google created to give publishers and marketers a secure, privacy-preserving solution to power their advertising with first-party data. With Authenticated Traffic Solution’s interoperable design, publishers can easily increase their monetisation while making their inventory available across DV360; marketers can seamlessly activate their first-party data across PAIR publishers.

Build sustainably

Start reaping the benefits of the cookieless future today. 50% of the internet was already cookieless, and today 1% of Chrome users are being added to this. 100% third-party cookie deprecation will be here in a matter of months.

Whether you always had your transition earmarked for 2024, or the 1% third-party cookie deprecation is the catalyst for action, there’s a clear runway for you to act. Most importantly, marketers can still run campaigns with and without third-party cookies to test and benchmark, and get a better sense of what to expect when they fully shift away from third-party cookies. We’re excited to work with even more partners as they join us on this journey.

To learn more about LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and buying on RampID, reach out to [email protected].