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LiveRamp Acquires Acuity Data to Strengthen Retail Analytics Capabilities in Safe Haven

  • Vihan Sharma
  • 2 min read

We’re just over halfway through 2020—an unprecedented year, to say the least. Companies have had to shift spending, rightsize expectations, and pivot their businesses in ways they could not have predicted. They have become even more reliant on data and analytics to guide major decisions, exposing intelligence gaps that require the right teams, data, and technology to fill them.

Our customers rise to this challenge daily, using Safe Haven, our neutral, global SaaS platform, to safely collaborate with internal and external partners, remain competitive, and drive revenue. To better serve companies’ need for technology that helps teams access the same data, securely share business intelligence, and make smarter decisions, we’re proud to welcome Acuity Data to LiveRamp.

Acuity Data joins us to enhance Safe Haven’s retail trade analytics capabilities. With Acuity Data, LiveRamp will enable better reporting, insights, and collaboration for retailers and CPGs, bridging the gap between trade and media by bringing consumers’ digital signals and retail transaction data together in a privacy-conscious manner.

Accurately measure more of your marketing spend

Historically, trade and media have worked in silos with different data sets, KPIs, and reporting. This fact alone fragments retailers’ and CPGs’ understanding of their shared audiences. Media buyers have no visibility into how their campaigns drove sales, and trade marketers have limited knowledge of shoppers’ habits and interests outside the store.

With marketing spend needing to work harder than ever and $200B spent on retail trade marketing in the US alone, brands need reliable analytics to prove investments and illuminate new insights. Companies that leverage Safe Haven’s richer set of analytics and reporting capabilities will have a deeper understanding of how consumers’ online engagement informs their offline purchases—insights that would have remained hidden otherwise.

Commit to exceptional experiences

Enabling exceptional customer experiences through better data and analytics is just the beginning. Our customers will undoubtedly uncover innovative ways to leverage Safe Haven that we hadn’t considered, unlocking new revenue opportunities that deepen their competitive edge and strengthen their market position.

To learn more about what Safe Haven can do for you, visit our web page or email us at [email protected].