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LiveRamp and MediaMath Partner to Help Solve Marketing’s Identity Crisis

  • 2 min read

Jeremy Steinberg is Global Head of Ecosystem at MediaMath

In today’s environment, the average programmatic transaction moves data across multiple different platforms, resulting not only in the loss of data, but also reduced match rates. This leads to:

  • Brands having an incomplete view of consumers and being forced to work in an ecosystem that lacks transparency—resulting in an inability to measure and adjust ad spend;
  • Publishers losing out on the ability to monetise an audience and, therefore, losing out on revenue; and
  • Consumers being skeptical of brand advertising and losing confidence that the Internet can provide free content while protecting both privacy and safety.

To solve the addressability challenge, we have deepened our partnership with LiveRamp to bring their consumer-based RampID into our identity offering, Connected ID (CID). This is on the heels of our SOURCE launch earlier this month and our commitment to delivering a transparent, accountable, and addressable new media supply chain by the end of 2020.

Improving Customer Identity Resolution

Together with LiveRamp, we will drive the development of standards and tools to ensure that our practices are transparent, put consumer interests and privacy first, and enable seamless transaction rails to be used throughout the entire supply chain—from a consumer viewing content or watching a video on a publisher’s site to a brand understanding audience composition and how it influences making marketing decisions.

At its core, the partnership is about giving marketers the control they deserve in making key decisions about their technology stacks. Brands should make decisions on identity that make the most sense for them. Our competition has forced brands to make “the best bad decision.” Too often, that’s a choice between data lock-in within a walled-garden ecosystem or a modelled identity offering accuracy or scale, but not both.

With the LiveRamp integration, we will help brands reach their audience with more scale, accuracy, and control, and provide improved measurement in the brand’s environment of choice. And with a transparent view of where the ad dollar goes, brands can work towards achieving powerful performance and deliver more relevant advertising to consumers from the brands they know and love.

You don’t have to be an ad tech nerd (like me) to get excited about this. You just have to care about the health and integrity of our industry.