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LiveRamp partners with one of Europe’s largest publishers to implement Authenticated Traffic Solution

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Since expanding the availability of our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) into the UK and the EU less than a year ago, we’ve added a number of DSPs, SSPs, and publishers to our roster to ensure the continuity of people-based marketing in a world without cookies. 

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Prisma Media, one of the largest publishers in France has signed on to integrate the Authenticated Traffic Solution.

More than a hundred well-known Prisma Media sites, including National Geographic, Business Insider and Harvard Business Review, will deploy ATS across the web. With Prisma properties reaching four in five French consumers every month, they are among a number of publishers in the EU championing a trusted ecosystem that fosters a safe, transparent value exchange with consumers, providing them with added visibility and control.

The Prisma partnership is so exciting because it comes at a pivotal moment in the industry, as publishers are beginning to reconcile the industry’s approach to consumer privacy. Regulators across the EU are asking probing questions of the walled gardens in the wake of GDPR addressing consumer rights and raising the compliance bar on how data can be collected and processed. 

It’s an issue that reached its apex when Google finally announced the official deprecation of third-party cookies.

As cookies begin to vanish from the digital advertising landscape, our publisher partners, such as Prisma Media, are realising there is a solution to audience monetisation—even in a cookieless world—that is centered around enhancing consumer privacy.

LiveRamp maximises revenue, without the cookies

With LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution deployed, Prisma Media can get a far better omnichannel view of its audiences across its portfolio of titles. It can build a better understanding of its readers, listeners and viewers across its properties to improve the monetisation of its huge traffic volumes, maximising advertising revenue in the process. 

Deputy Managing Director of Prisma Media Solutions Ad Tech, David Folgueira, says, “Prisma Media is committed to all initiatives that enable continued growth of our business despite the phasing out of third-party cookies. We opted to use LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution as it aligns with our overall authentication strategy and is key to ensuring we preserve consumer trust.”

Cookies and walled gardens

This pivot to utilising authenticated first-party data to connect Prisma’s own addressable inventory with marketer demand tackles two huge challenges for the online publishing industry: the loss of third-party cookies and ongoing competition with the walled gardens. 

Publishers have always been experts in crafting content that builds highly-engaged consumer relationships. The trouble has always been that historically, third parties used cookies to monetise publisher audiences without the publisher receiving a fair share of the credit, nor the return. Those days are coming to an end as the third-party cookie fades into obscurity and focus shifts to a publisher’s authenticatedand consentedfirst-party data.

Additionally, with the walled gardens of Facebook and Google, there has been a long-acknowledged problem of ad spend being ‘hoovered up.’ According to a report by Ofcom, data reveals walled gardens receive two in every three pounds spent on digital advertising while the open internet gets just a quarter. Yet only 35% of consumers’ time is spent on these platforms, meaning digital ad spend is out of proportion.

Embracing the cookieless world

By taking ownership of first-party audience data across its portfolio of titles, Prisma Media is implementing a proactive approach to connectivity and addressability to redress this imbalance. In doing so, they are welcoming a new era where the consumer is put in control of how their data is collected and used as authentications rise. 

As Vihan Sharma, Managing Director for LiveRamp Europe, comments, “By implementing ATS now, Prisma Media secures itself against the deprecation of third-party cookies well in advance of Google Chrome’s 2022 timeline. We are delighted to be able to support them in maximising advertising revenue while putting consumer privacy front and center, despite the many industry headwinds.”

As the privacy debate raging across Europe heats up, we expect more publishers to take advantage of the opportunity to become self-reliant and build their own detailed first-party databases where users are in control of their information. This respects the users’ privacy and, at the same time, helps publishers maximise ad revenue.

Learn more about LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution here or reach out to [email protected] for more information.