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Recap: A Kraft Course in Cloud Data Infrastructure and Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • Jules McGinlay
  • 2 min read

Data has never been more important for marketers, and CPGs have an even larger hurdle to overcome with limited access to first-party data. This has made it a challenge to understand audiences, make informed decisions, and measure activities and investments. But with rising pressure to personalise the consumer experience as audience behaviours increasingly shift online, brands like Kraft Heinz are taking control of their data, and their technology partnerships, to drive digital transformation.

In a recent webinar, A Kraft Course in Cloud Data Infrastructure and Exceptional Customer Experiences hosted by AdWeek, Katrina Cho, Head of Cloud Partnerships at LiveRamp sat down with Jason Huertas, Lead Product Manager at Kraft Heinz, and Giusy Buonfantino, VP of CPG Industry Solutions at Google Cloud, to discuss how they created a data environment that both deepens customer relationships and accelerates growth across Kraft’s entire value chain.

During the conversation, Jason gave an overview of Kraft Heinz’s marketing. “Where we started was that we didn’t really need to have an engagement with the consumer. We sold into retailers and the consumers went to retailers and then they bought our products there. When it came to marketing, we needed mass media like billboards and traditional TV. We didn’t really have the type of consumer intimacy that you need today, where everyone has a phone in their hands, everyone has multiple devices, everyone’s on social media, things move really quickly. “

Jason then shared the moment Kraft Heinz realised they had to build more intimate customer relationships and grow their first-party data.

In this next clip, Giusy explains whether or not Kraft Heinz is a typical CPG, and why having a first-party data strategy is now a mandate.

Jason followed these thoughts by saying, “At the end of the day, data is the gold and the fuel to drive all of these systems. And if you don’t have that first-party data—that engagement with the consumer—you won’t know how to anticipate the consumer’s needs. Sure, you can go out into the marketplace and buy third-party data sources, but your competitors can do that too, so your first-party data is going to be your advantage to really beat your competitors in this landscape.”

He then tells CPG marketers the value of having LiveRamp and Google Cloud as part of your tech stack.

To learn more about Kraft Heinz’s data strategy and digital transformation, watch the full replay. Ready to get started? Email us at ​​[email protected] We’re here to help and answer all your questions.