Identity resolution for your first-party data strategy

  • Out-of-the-box resolution
  • Complete processing of all your customer data
  • Matches and updates in real-time
  • Self-serve and cloud-native

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Portrait Engine analyses your first-party data, recognises unique customers over diverse and unreliable keys, and creates the best view of your customers using stored and derived attributes. It accomplishes all this with ease through the help of LiveRamp’s automated machine-learning models.

  • Real-time scalability

    Portrait Engine is built for static and streaming data, so it handles your web and application events to keep your customer portraits accurate and up-to-date.

  • Identity controlled by you

    Portrait Engine runs as a custom resolution process you can start visually modeling in a matter of minutes, in your own environment, and with all of your data staying under your control.

Building your identity infrastructure

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Own Your Identity

Break down marketing data silos by processing all of your available permissioned data for customer identity, and enable powerful access to customer intelligence across your entire enterprise.

Own Your Resolution

Define your own resolution processes by selecting from a pre-built resolution operation library and extend with your brand-specific queries, rules, and optional machine-learning training sessions.

Own Your Activation

Your first-party identity unlocks data and query access with enterprise-wide or team-specific IDs, while also enabling further activation options across LiveRamp’s partner ecosystem.

Own Your Journey

Construct the best customer view for personalisations, recommendations, and winning each customer touchpoint with data elements taken from the entirety of the customer’s journey.

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