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For Those Who Want More, There’s RampID

  • Travis Clinger
  • 2 min read

RampID was created many years ago as a way to leverage identity to deliver more for advertisers—more accurate targeting online, more durability in the face of changing signals, and more commitment to individual privacy. Its role was to give digital marketers a new way to improve traditional campaign effectiveness, and it put LiveRamp at the forefront of a new and growing category.

In 2022, LiveRamp continues to lead the industry forward—still helping advertisers engage the right audiences across channels and devices and optimising media spend—but today, RampID support extends to every part of the ecosystem.

Due to extensive adoption of RampID and ATS, publishers everywhere are taking control over their inventory and developing new revenue streams, brands are giving individuals choice with an authenticated-based approach to advertising, agencies are powering measurement in the fragmented TV landscape, retailers are building media networks, and much more.

So what does this mean? It’s simple. The ubiquitousness of RampID and the network effect created means that LiveRamp can give brands access to:

More publishers and platforms

LiveRamp’s vast ecosystem, built over the last decade, is unparalleled in the industry. Since RampID was designed as the interoperable infrastructure for everyone, it is used to transact with all major digital platforms and almost every top publisher, and is available on more than 75% of the Comscore 50 and over 11,000 open web domains. This means that RampID offers more reach than any other addressability solution available today.

More global geographies 

With the strongest security and controls at its foundation, RampID is the only identifier that meets a truly global standard. Authenticated, consented, and encrypted, it allows addressable campaigns to run regionally across North America, the EU, LATAM, and APAC, as well as globally.

By creating unique RampIDs for every partner, we mitigate the risks of data breach, universal tracking, and fragmentation that weaken other identity approaches, making RampID more durable for the long term.

More choice and flexibility

Not only is RampID available on the bid stream, you can also find the audiences you want everywhere you want, programmatically or directly. Advertisers can buy directly from publishers, through open exchanges, in private marketplaces, on CTV, and within every walled garden, reaching more people where they are, on every channel, and on every browser—mobile, in-app, and desktop.

RampID is the industry standard for activation and measurement. As we look ahead, it’s equally likely that the decisions business leaders make about the technology they leverage now will influence their standing in the marketplace for years to come.

Like a tailor who measures twice and cuts once, wasting opportunities to get it right the first time can prove both unnecessary and short-sighted. LiveRamp is committed to working with our clients to ensure that their current needs are not only met, but that their expectations for the future are exceeded.