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LiveRamp Launches On Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Miso Jang
  • 2 min read

We are excited to announce the expanded availability of LiveRamp’s products through the Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing customers to build and enhance customer data infrastructure in the Google Cloud Platform. By integrating LiveRamp on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can make data residing within Google Cloud more accessible and actionable, enabling new use cases to maximise their cloud investment.

When customers transact through the Google Cloud Marketplace, they can unlock the value of LiveRamp and Google Cloud’s partnership and realise key benefits, including:

  • Unified Google Cloud billing
  • Faster procurement cycles
  • Drawdown against Google Cloud spends, freeing up committed budget for LiveRamp services

LiveRamp and Google Cloud address some of the most complex data challenges across the enterprise today in retail, CPG, financial services, telco, automotive, healthcare, and other sectors. By leveraging LiveRamp’s data connectivity and identity infrastructure via Google Cloud Marketplace, joint customers can drive transformative digital workflows in a streamlined manner, accelerating data innovation and time to value.

Build a unified customer view:

It’s never been more critical to know your audience better than the competition, but it can be challenging to piece together a complete view. With LiveRamp, you can consolidate and unify customer data and translate offline data for use in the digital ecosystem. Additionally, our Authenticated Traffic Solution connects authenticated, first-party data to create a stronger value exchange based on trust between publishers, brands, and the audiences they share.

Pairing LiveRamp Identity with LiveRamp Portrait Engine to build your first-party identity graph will not only unlock a 360-degree view of the customer, it will also build proprietary enterprise identity that can be tailored to your business requirements, all running within your Google Cloud environment.

Activate and measure: 

If understanding your customer is key to value, you also need the ability to take action on your unique insights. Activate campaigns using the data residing in your cloud data warehouse that you have resolved with LiveRamp Identity. By making your data interoperable with LiveRamp Identity, you can instantly activate data across LiveRamp’s purpose-built integrations with destinations across display, search, social, and TV—all from one easy-to-use platform or API.

With LiveRamp’s ecosystem extending the power of your customer data warehouse, you can:

  • Broaden your understanding of the customer with first-, second-, and third-party data attributes through Safe Haven
  • Build privacy-conscious, secure data partnerships with retail or supply partners
  • Orchestrate multichannel marketing campaigns spanning TV and digital
  • Bring activation data back into your customer data warehouse to perform the measurement and quantify the value of every activity

An added benefit for joint customers is LiveRamp’s strategic partnership and integration with Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud. By tapping into all three offerings, you can connect, analyse, and measure ROI across all channels. GMP data can be analysed on BigQuery via Ads Data Hub and you can connect your external customer campaign data via LiveRamp’s unique integration with GMP.

Learn more about LiveRamp’s solutions on the Google Cloud Marketplace.